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Why Us

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Why Us


The competitive business environment is constantly evolving. We all need to hire the sharpest business tools of today. We may only need them for one day to even reshape or discard them.

We help you keep your core team lean and keen. If you need more specialist help in any business discipline including sales and marketing we (together with you with help you source the right solution for the right place). We can also outsource and manage this process if required. We know our limitation and are keen to outsource and manage if required.



What You May Need


Do your Sales Efforts require a new impetus?

Are your Sales costs increasing and profits dipping?

Is the sales cycle too long and proposals never become sales?

Do your customers really know what you stand for?

Do your company branding help in sales?

Are you investing your capital money in right branding ?

These are all common problems which can be solving together with us by “Sales Planning optimization”.


What You Offer


Sales Optima Audit

Outsourced Sales & Marketing Support

Customer Service & Retention Advice

Strategic Sales

Training & Advance Development

Channel Development


Who we are


We are Sales & marketing professional group having rich experienced Chartered Accountant, Company secretary, Sales & Business consultant who can function as your own team or who can support your existing team.

We can work alongside your sales and marketing team simultaneously as observers (even anonymously if you like) to analyses sales performance, Brand Performance Indicators and other key Performance Indicators(KPI’s).

We offers a practical, highly flexible scalable and cost effective sales solution to SME’s. With backgrounds in both sales and marketing ,our team provide strategic direction and marketing support developed to help maximum your sales revenue.

Put simply, we ensure that you retain the most profitable clients, it is the smartest way to make money and stay in business.




Sales Optima adopts a unique CLV (Customer Life time Value) approach to business development.

Many companies waist significant human and financial resources on new customer acquisition.

Frequently, large numbers of new prospects are lost or not retained, which means that the new customer acquisition process is costly and never ending.

Our Optima Marketing methodology enables you to break down the sales and marketing process into simple Transaction steps, that are measureable and make your sales and marketing teams accountable.

These steps can even be pre-set and tracked by your financial team.

We can create Transaction Audits for your financial team, but preferably alongside them as a team.

Together we concentrate on one step at a time. This is an integral part of our test selling approach.

Sales Optima offer an extremely ROI focused and structured approach to new business development.

Our sales process methodology is market research driven and uniquely tailored to your product, service and brand.

We firstly concentrate on your brief and will always challenge it in the true spirit of continuous improvement.

Our aim is always to create a self sustainable leak free closed loop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sales process so that it becomes a natural growth process that is easy for everyone in your company to adopt. It should become a habit ; a natural part of business life.


How does our New Business Development Approach work ?



Sales Optima searches out the most profitable “natural fit” future customers that your business can service perfectly.

We then implement a range of small scale test selling and test marketing approaches based on our years of experience with the sole purpose of winning new customers. Our testing is always LIVE.
We don’t fire blanks…We research and continuously improve as we go.

We measure and report with our Optima Audits and define success metrics.

Reshape and further improve the offer and research new target prospect groups.

We scale up successful test selling programmes and develop new sales packages for new channels and new export markets.

We ensure that the successful programme is embedded in your organisation and that it becomes a customer acquisition and customer service habit ….part of your culture..

We focus on customer service and can conduct customer audits. This is all part of our natural closed loop Sales Optima Marketing process, so that profitable customers are retained and also naturally refer you to new customers.

Unlike many consultancy firms, Sales Optima ’ aim is to ensure that your new business development process is fresh and sustainable and that costs of customer acquisition are reduced.

This approach also suits Sales Optima. As we see you grow naturally, we can help you with new channel development and export sales

Transaction Focus believes that all marketing should be lead generation focused and simultaneously drive the brand

We view marketing and sales as intertwined disciplines. We work with SME‘s (Small Medium Enterprises) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Whether you need an interim sales manager or sales executive we will not only do the job and bring in the revenue; we will also analyze your sales procedures and give you real time market research feedback while selling.

We will not rock the boat.

Subject to your brief, we can use this interim opportunity to study the ROI (Return on Investment) of your marketing spend. Our focus is always to save money but not at the expense of brand equity.

In short, we can function as your back up sales and marketing department.



Sales Outsourcing or Outsourced Sales is a well established and cost-efficient service, particularly in a recession.

It is usually highly skilled, flexible and specialist.

You can test it on a small scale or go all the way.

With all this talk about the economy slowing down, are you ready to reduce your fixed costs ?

This correct option can increase revenue from new and existing clients and will keep you focused on high profit potential prospects.

If your investors are becoming more ROI conscious, why not adopt an added value “all in one” Sales and Marketing Outsourcing approach.expense of brand equity.

In short, we can function as your back up sales and marketing department.





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